Period Cube ~ Shackles of Amadeus ~ Afterthoughts

Haven’t been writing since forever but i really wanted to just rant a bit about period cube and kinda… you know… reflect on my entire playthrough.

I will be touching on all characters briefly. Currently,I have 90% completion on the game — I have finished all characters’ good ending. I’m just missing on the bad ends which I do not really want to do because of feels reason.

So yeah, beware of lots of spoilers!

So… who’s your best boi in the game!?

Also,I will just be giving my quick afterthoughts, so don’t be expecting anything detailed! If you guys want to leave comments as to which route you like best, do feel free to! Keep it cheerful though! :)

Oh right, because I am lazy… I won’t be explaining who’s who. This is more of a rant for those who have played the game.

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List of favourite anime/manga characters (Ongoing)

Noticed I really like psychopatic characters and some antagonists especially. I just find their way of thinking very interesting and some of them are really badass (though perhaps for the wrong reason…)


Makishima from Psycho Pass


Karasuba from sekirei


Tyki Mikk from D.Gray Man


Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki


Asha Rahiro from Kubera Manhwa


Kubera — Every little detail is important

I just recently reached the Arc Your Justice and Mine.. And also started reading wiki page which mentioned about how Asha wasnt allowed to talk in many instances

How could I have missed all these…

Season 1 Chapter 18: When Asha was telling Leez about her village with 0 deaths



And then when she shared her story with Yuta



Goddamit how could I not see this… I should re read the whole thing soon

I realised that the story took a turn for depression at the arc I’m currently at, Leez found out that Asha has been hiding alot of things and tried confronting asha but was unable to do so since asha is in prison…

Leez eyes are starting to look really cold…..

Ughh… bring me back my innocent days where Asha threatened to cut off Leez ears